Several bad factors that affect male health and ways to improve it

In 2015, Italian scientists presented seven main causes of health problems in men. Stress at work, constant use of tablets and smartphones, smoking and alcohol – these are bad habits that threaten sexual health in men. In addition to the mentioned factors, negative impact on the sexual health of men is caused by lack of sleep, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

Experts’ opinion

“Lifestyle plays a crucial role in the emergence and subsequent progress of many sexual and reproductive dysfunctions” – says Alessandro Palmieri, professor of urology at the Federico II University clinic in Naples. “In particular, the questions of smoking, obesity, alcohol consumption and lack of exercise play an important role in the medical consultation for men of all ages, so it is necessary to follow a healthy lifestyle by providing good nutrition and regular physical activity”, – he stressed.

Ways to improve male health

Italian Society of Andrology has introduced four rules for improving male sexual health that every man should follow.

I. Stop smoking. Smoking is responsible for changes of both arterial and venous vascular system. It can interweave with other risk factors, causing the deterioration of erectile dysfunction. Several studies have also demonstrated its negative effect on spermatogenesis (sperm formation process), concentration of spermatozoa in the sperm, their mobility, viability and morphology. Toxic substances contained in the smoke can cause genetic damage to sperm.
II. Exercise at least 2.5 hours per week. Regular moderate exercise can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction in men, even in middle years
III. Reduce consumption of alcoholic beverages. It is true that alcohol in small amounts has a vasodilatory effect and reduces anxiety, improves erection and sexual activity. However, the abuse of alcohol reduces libido and can have irreversible effects on erectile function.
IV. Eat whole grain food, fish, fruit, vegetables. According to experts, mediterranean diet and reduced calorie intake improve erectile function. It should be noted, that according to the recommendations of WHO, every person should eat at least 400 grams of fruit and vegetables every day. Potatoes and other starchy foods are not considered vegetables.
It is necessary to monitor the maintenance of normal body weight. Excess fat interferes with normal testosterone production, and consequently causes harm to a man’s health. Moreover, obesity affects vascular health, including the state of genital area. In addition, it is necessary to sleep longer and avoid stress. Healthy sleep and lack of stress will raise testosterone levels. Moreover, these two things are interrelated, as normalizing sleep, you will be less susceptible to stress.

What to do if ED has already occurred?

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