Can a woman take Viagra to enhance sexual desire?
The drug is not intended for use by women. You can ask your doctor about the respective products, designed specifically for women.

What if the erection after taking the drug is not terminated during four hours?
Perhaps this is a side effect of the drug. Urgently seek medical attention.

Is it possible to consume 150 mg of the medicament?
No, the maximum recommended dose of the medicament is 100 mg. If you take more Viagra, the risk of side effects increases significantly.

Does generic Viagra work like the original product?
Qualitatively it does not differ in effect from the original medicament. They contain an analogous active substance.

When is it necessary to take the drug before a sexual intercourse?
Generally, Viagra is taken, if necessary, 30 to 60 minutes before an intended sexual intercourse. Do not take this medical remedy more than 1 time per day.

If one 100 mg tablet is not working, it is possible to take another one?
Do not exceed the maximum dose of 100 mg. Perhaps this medical remedy does not suit you.

Is it possible to combine Cialis with Viagra?
If you take Cialis 5 mg every day, you should not use Viagra. Conversely, if you take Viagra, do not take Cialis. This can cause negative effects. The interaction of these two drugs has not been studied properly.

Can the medicament enhance male libido?
No, the medicament only improves or gives you the opportunity to achieve erection when needed. To increase libido, try sticking to a healthy diet, exercising or at least walking a lot.

Does the medicament affect male fertility?
There is not much research on the subject. A minor study conducted on mice has shown that the drug adversely affects the fertilization of the egg cell. However, several other studies have shown the opposite result. According to these studies, Viagra improves the quality of sperm and sperm motility. From this it can be concluded that this medical remedy contributes to increasing male fertility.

In the case of combination of antacids and Viagra, does the effect of Viagra reduce?
You should have a break between taking two drugs for at least two hours.

Can be muscle pain felt after administering the medicament?
Muscle pain and headache may be side effects of the medicament. If muscle pain lasts a long time or gets worse, check with your doctor. Some men (a small number) do not want to take the drug because of these adverse effects.

Can Viagra be taken with food?
Yes, but it is better to avoid fatty foods because it may take the medicament longer to work.