Causes of ED – problems with health, psychological factors & drugs

Among the causes that lead to the deterioration of potency, two main groups of factors are distinguished: functional and organic. The first group is related to changes at the cellular level in the organs responsible for the regulation of sexual function. After the elimination of these factors, which are temporary, sexual function returns to its normal state.

The second group is related to changes in the body organs, which cannot be restored on their own. In such cases, after the elimination of influencing factors (infection, inflammation, traumatic agents), body organs still have some time to work in a tense mode, and a man should use an additional drug therapy to stimulate or replace functions of an affected organ.

Functional causes of the ailment

The most common functional causes of problems with erection are psychogenic disorders connected with excessive mental fatigue or psychogenic traumas. After the elimination of negative factors, the potency is completely restored and normalized. The main point in the occurrence of psychogenic ED is blood supply disturbance in penile tissues due to the fact that the sexual arousal is pushed into the background by factors of a different nature and even at the appropriate moment cannot take a dominant position.

A classic example is the “businessman’s complex”. Busy working people being in a constant state of stress, sometimes are not able to have sex. In this case, the work always remains in the foreground, not giving way to sexual life. It is important to note that even after the elimination of stress a person does not believe in his strength, which leads to new sexual problems and formation of new fear of failure, causing a vicious circle.

There are a number of functional states, characterized by a potency decrease. Thus, the deterioration of potency in men may be due to inefficient use of various drugs (sedatives, hypnotics, tranquilizers, psychotropic, antihypertensive, anti-ulcer, immunosuppressive, and hormonal, such as prednisone analogs used for curing autoimmune diseases). Stopping taking the mentioned medications leads to the restoration of lost potency over time, and potency enhancing medicaments like generic Viagra may significantly speed up the recovery of sexual activity.

Organic factors

Reducing the potency may be caused by prostatitis. Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate tissue. In addition, ED may be the result of reducing the amount of testosterone (main male hormone). Another kind of the ailment is vascular (vasculogenic) impotence. The reason for its occurrence is a serious systemic disease called atherosclerosis. ED occurs when the atherosclerosis affects penile arteries. Another type of vascular impotence is venous blood current disturbance in the penis. Brain injuries, spinal fractures, pelvic fractures with damage to blood vessels, nerves, prostate and male organ can result in loss of potency in varying degrees.