Association between Male Potency and Sport Supplement.

Currently, it’s hardly thinkable that top-class sports can do without special sports nutrition. Besides, sports supplements are widelyAssociation between Male Potency and Sport Supplement. used by persons who want to beef up. And very often it poses the question: what the influence of sports nutrition on male potency is. Not only men are interested in the answer but their sexual partners as well. And not without reason the anxiety arises. Lots of professional sportsmen and men who do weightlifting and bodybuilding complain about sexual problems oftener than patients who do sport amateurishly and don’t use sport nutrition.

What are Protein and its Difference from Steroids?

Most sportsmen take protein as the main sport supplement. As a rule, these supplements contain high-concentrated protein. They’re usually produced from animal products: milk, cottage-cheese and eggs. Some manufacturers use soybeans to make sport supplements. Compared to usual protein-containing products, sport protein supplements contain about 80% of true protein with a very little content of fats and carbohydrates.

There exist some types of protein supplements:

  • whey protein, which used for a quick weight gain;
  • egg white protein – for active growth of muscle tissue;
  • soya protein is also used for building-up physique but is usually taken by vegetarians.

They are rumored to be destructive to male potency. This is because lots of newcomer sportsmen make no distinction between protein supplements and steroids, which also promote the growth of muscle mass.

When Protein Supplements are Harmful for male Potency?

Despite the absence of significant influence directly on the functions of the reproductive system, namely, blood circulation, hormone synthesis, metabolic processes, prostate tone and others, protein supplements can have an adverse effect on potency. Such cases are recorded if a man has problems with the kidneys. If this occurs, high-concentrated protein can precipitate the formation of urine calculus. If their size is not big, they can leave kidneys on their own. Throughout the process, renal ducts, vesical mucous membrane and ureter mucous membrane are traumatized. This situation in most cases results in inflammation in the genitourinary system:

  • urethritis (inflammation of urinary tract),
  • cystitis (inflammation of urinary bladder),
  • balanitis (inflammation of penis balanus),
  • balanoposthitis (inflammation of penis balanus skin and interface of penis foreskin).

In the absence of therapy or with an ongoing traumatic effect on the mucous membranes, inflammation can also go to the prostate gland. And, as is known, prostatitis leads to a decrease in erectile function in men. To exclude such a negative effect of the protein supplements on the potency, men are recommended to undergo a complete examination before taking them. With its help, you can identify even the slightest failures in the work of the kidneys, which will prevent the complications.

Association between Male Potency and Sport Supplement.

If Potency is decreased… What’s the reason?

Notwithstanding the fact that the safety of protein supplements is scientific-based, it may provoke a decreased potency. In the majority of cases, the reasons may be the following:

  • Personal response to the supplements’ composition;
  • Inferior quality of protein supplement. We mean supplements on the basis of soy beans. Few are aware that soy is the source of female phytohormones; if protein is poorly purified, it contains a considerable amount of phytoestrogens. In the case long-term administration of such supplements causes changes of endocrine profile, which has a negative impact on male erectile function;
  • Placebo effect. It’s the most frequently happening factor. The matter consists in the following: a man, who has heard about potential harm of protein supplements, starts to take care of his male health intensely. In addition, failure syndrome is in progress. And as a rule, sexual failures are not late in coming. In this case, protein supplements are not the reasons of this erectile disorders but man’s performance anxiety.

To avoid any problems with potency when using protein supplements, it’s highly important to buy only high-quality soy-free products. And last but not least, it’s necessary to monitor your body state for the duration of using supplements with high-concentrated protein.