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Erectile dysfunction (also known as ED and impotence) is a pathological condition that affects the ability of men to achieve erection and enjoy sex. In rare cases, men can still get erection, but they cannot sustain it long enough, or the erection is very weak to carry out normal sexual intercourse. In very rare cases (usually in cases of rare hormonal disorders), male persons are always unable to achieve penile erection.

Despite the fact that ED does not present a great danger to health, it may affect the various aspects of patient’s’ life. Firstly, men consider their ability to satisfy a woman one of the indicators of masculinity. ED jeopardizes the ability that can lead to loss of self-confidence. Secondly, the problems with erection may affect relationships: thousands of couples have broken up simply because one partner failed to fulfill his conjugal duty.
ED can be caused by multiple factors – from diabetes to psychological trauma in childhood. It can be treated by medicaments belonging to PDE5 inhibitors family.

Does generic Viagra work?

One of the most known and popular medicaments among PDE5 inhibitors is Viagra produced by Pfizer (US company). This medical remedy has been approved by FDA and is very effective for curing ED. However, it has one major disadvantage – the high price. Some people cannot afford it, so they try to find a generic. The latter works as well as the brand medicament provided it of high quality. It acts in the same way and has the same contraindications and side effects, as the branded medical remedy. Be careful when combining generic Viagra with some other medicaments and alcoholic drinks. Fatty foods can reduce the rate of absorption of sildenafil (the key component of the drug).

Why does Viagra generic have low price?

Why is generic remedies’ cost always less than that of brand medicaments? To answer this question, let us consider how a new medicament appears and enters the market. Scientists employed by pharmaceutical corporation do research in laboratories and obtain the formula of the new medical remedy. It may be a planned result, but sometimes scientists obtain a new medicament accidentally, as in case with Viagra – developers (Pfizer company) wanted to receive a medicament for curing angina but they got a substance for ED treatment. Then the corporation that has developed a new medicament, conducts laboratory tests and clinical studies confirming the efficiency and safety of the medicament, and, in case of success, secures a patent for its protection. For example, Pfizer conducted the studies to determine:

– interactions with other medical remedies, for example, nitric oxide donors and organic nitrates;
– effects of Viagra on the ability to drive;
– adverse effects (the drug was administered to around 3700 male patients during clinical trials worldwide);
– effect on fertility in males;
– features of using in patients who have other ailments in addition to ED, for example cirrhosis and renal impairment;
– consequences of overdosing.

In addition, the medicament should meet all medical standards that are in force in the country in which the sale is planned. In different regions (for instance, in the USA and EU), these standards may vary. Therefore, companies have to carry out additional studies that require additional financial costs. From all this it is clear that the developing and advertising of even a single medicament cost a lot of money (even billions dollars) for pharmaceutical corporation. And all this is included in the cost of the drug. That is why the cost of new effective medicaments is so high. But, as you will read below, the developers of generic medical remedies do not bear such expenses.

Cheap generic Viagra – where is this medical remedy produced?

Generic Viagra is produced mainly in India, Eastern Europe and China. The benefit of production of generics is obvious for both producers and customers:

1. As regards manufacturers, it is not necessary to invent an innovative drug as a ready chemical formula already exists. They shouldn’t conduct studies to test efficiency, interactions and safety profile of the medicament. Customers have been familiar with the medicament for a long time, therefore no large advertising campaigns are needed to promote generic Viagra;
2. As regards customers, they get a product with the same efficiency as the original one, but pay a much lower price (sometimes dozens of times less).

Generic Viagra – several types

There are many generic versions of sildenafil in the market, such as:

– Viagra soft. It is produced in the form of sublingual tablets;
– Kamagra. This Viagra generic name was given because the medicament is produced in the form of gel;
– Suhagra. This tablet contains 100 mg of sildenafil.

Generic Viagra online – how to purchase safely?

There are many online chemist’s shops where you can buy generic Viagra but some of them can offer counterfeited products and/or poor quality ones. In order to avoid counterfeits and buy generic Viagra online at affordable prices, you can use the following tips:

1. Check the physical address of the website. For example, if you want to purchase generic Viagra Canada, check whether the website that sells a product is registered in Canada;
2. Compare prices in chemist’s shops before buying the medicament. The latter can be cheaper on one website than on another;
3. Check price for delivering and include many medicaments in one order. In such way, you may save a lot on shipping. will provide you with only reliable information about generic Viagra and its brand predecessor. You can find frequently asked questions about the drug. We sincerely hope that our articles will help you in dealing with the unpleasant disease – erectile dysfunction!